A unique layer away from inquiries inquiring if or not female have been used to HPV

A unique layer away from inquiries inquiring if or not female have been used to HPV

The brand new questionnaire contained step 3 parts. Region I included inquiries regarding socio-market investigation (many years, number of degree, parity, familial money, field, current marital status, sexual activity, reputation of HPV vaccination, and you will history of irregular cervical cancer tumors tests).

Part II made up of 6 questions relating to the target ladies who shall be screened, ages to start, volume, decades or standards to get rid of of evaluating, and techniques away from screening. Just the players who’d ever heard out-of HPV perform go-ahead to Area III which examined understanding of HPV from the sorts of (oncogenic or low-oncogenic), form out of transmission and you can protection.

Before the research, the new survey off area II and area III for the Thai type was in fact considered, talked about, and you will revised up until opinion certainly 20 boffins who were all the gynecologic oncologists (particular was authors in other synchronous studies). The pros ranked every one of 19 questions given that either ‘relevant’ otherwise ‘not relevant’. The item-height Articles Validity Index (I-CVI) try calculated for every single item, additionally the Content Validity List (CVI) was determined by using the average proportion out of fourteen questions relating to information about cervical disease tests and 5 questions relating to HPV. The CVI was indeed step one both for parts of the fresh new questionnaire (S1 Table). This new reliability try checked out into the 29 women with similar attribute since participants. The new Cronbach’ leader coefficients to the precision was 0.819 getting knowledge about cervical cancer screening and you will 0.907 having knowledge about HPV.

Data range

To your time from planned colposcopy, the research assistant given recommendations of your investigation into the female who found addition standards. The women which agreed to take part provided written advised consent and answered the new questionnaire alone on their own in advance of continuing in order to colposcopy.

Investigation obtained because of it studies were socio-market studies (Part I of the survey), experience in cervical cancers assessment (Region II), and you may expertise in HPV (Part III).

Statistical research

The new answers of knowledge throughout the cervical cancer tumors screening and you may HPV was basically assessed of the for each and every item ahead of scoring categorization. Best respond to are obtained just like the step 1 whereas ‘incorrect and you will being unsure of answer’ is scored 0.

Regarding 14 inquiries off cervical cancer screening, women whoever get were ? ten was indeed arbitrarily categorized given that that have ‘good knowledge’ normally had been considered as which have “not-good studies”. To own knowledge of HPV, women whose address try ‘never ever been aware of HPV’ was basically omitted on analysis away from HPV degree.

Out of 5 inquiries, female whoever score was in fact ? 3 were thought to dating Georgien Г¦gteskabsagentur be that have ‘a good expertise in HPV’ or else given that ‘not good knowledge’. Of 19 inquiries, women whoever rating was ? thirteen have been categorized just like the that have ‘a good full knowledge’ usually while the ‘not good total knowledge’.

The study have been compiled in the an electronic database and you can analyzed having fun with SPSS V.twenty six.0 (SPSS, Inc., Chicago, IL, USA). Descriptive analytics were used to analyze market research and was in fact described as the numbers which have fee, mean having practical deviation or average with diversity. The association ranging from for every changeable and you may knowledge rating was in fact examined using effortless linear regression. Exploratory design was developed for the multivariable data along with every variables possibly regarding the info score. Brand new experienced amount of analytical relevance is actually a p-value of 0.05 otherwise reduced.


Out of 500 women who met inclusion criteria and were invited to the study, one ong 499 women who responded to the questionnaire about knowledge of cervical cancer and screening (part II) and knowledge about HPV (part II), two did not provide personal information. So demographic data were available in only 497 women (Table 1). The mean age of 497 participants was years (SD ± ). More than half of the participants were aged < 40>

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